The SpaceFi Meme Contest has closed.

About the SpaceFi Meme Contest:

Prize pool: 1 * Bronze Card NFT
5 * Artist role grant
15 * 2.0 Starter Private pool allowlist

Judging criteria: meme reaction
Ends at 8:00 UTC 1st Apr 2022

We only counted one vote for one member.

Which are the winners of the contest?

1st — 5th Place:



Dear Spacers, here’s the [Space Weekly 03.01]. Keep on building together.

* Testnet1.0 is closed. Testnet2.0 will be launched both on Evmos and Celo soon.
* Evmos mainnet launch on Wednesday, 8 pm UTC / 12 pm PST, with big airdrop.

* SpaceFi announced the partnership with @EvmosOrg and @cybertime_eth
* Two NFT giveaway events on twitter.
* More events on the way. Join our discord:

Data of Testnet1.0 has been snapshot. Testnet2.0 will has new contract and data.

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SpaceFi is a cross-chain web3 platform on Evmos and zkSync, with DEX+NFT+Starter+Spacebase as initial product. The first to connect Cosmos and Layer2.