What is SpaceFi building on Evmos and zkSync?

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created by our spacer El Cosmos.Helix (@AlpharezCC)

You may hear that SpaceFi is a cross-chain web3 platform on Evmos and zkSync, with DEX+NFT+Starter+Spacebase as initial product. Its ultimate vision is to connect Cosmos and Ethereum Layer2 ecosystem, exploring assets cross-chain and interoperability solutions.

However, what does this mean? How does SpaceFi build for Evmos and zkSync? Here we have an answer, including vision, product, tokenomics, incubation, roadmap, community, airdrop, etc.

⚛️ Vision

created by our spacer DavidC (@davidbigcccc)

SpaceFi’s ultimate vision is to connect Cosmos and Ethereum Layer2 ecosystem, exploring assets cross-chain and interoperability solutions.

Evmos is the EVM hub on Cosmos. It will not only bring EVM developers into Cosmos eco, but also works with Celestia to bring modular and interoperable cross-chain solutions to EVM ecosystem.

ZkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum that offers low gas and fast transactions, without compromising on security. It’s a scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum, based on zero-knowledge proof technology.

In the first step, SpaceFi will start from DEX+NFT+Starter+Spacebase, aiming to be an engine in Evmos ecosystem. Then it will launch on zkSync mainnet and other EVM chains in future.

🎡 Product

SpaceFi is building a fully integrated system, creating sustainable chemistry between modules. You can trade in swap, earn in farm, mint/stake/sell Planet NFTs, create or join a spacebase, and invest in new projects. ( SpaceFi Docs )

screenshot from SpaceFi testnet

1. DEX

You can swap, add / remove liquidity. Also, trading mining is in the plan. 1/3 trading fee will be used to buyback STAR token.

screenshot from SpaceFi testnet

2. Farm

In single pool, you can stake STAR earn $STAR. In LP pool, you can stake different liquidity to earn $STAR. In NFT pool, you can stake planet NFT to earn $STAR.

screenshot from SpaceFi testnet

3. NFT

Planet NFT is a pass in the SpaceFi ecosystem, containing lots of STAR assets and different utilities. You can use STAR to mint Common Planet NFTs, 90% STAR burning and 10% STAR allocating to NFT bonus and DAO treasury. Further, you can use different Common Planet NFTs to mint Unique Planet NFTs and use different Unique Planet NFTs to mint Exclusive Star Sign NFTs. Each time you mint, equity assets will randomly increase by a certain multiple.

screenshot from SpaceFi testnet

Staking planet NFTs, there’ll be more rewards than staking STAR token. Also, planet NFTs holders can get bonus from platform fee.

screenshot from SpaceFi testnet

In marketplace, you can sell or buy planet NFTs. 5% of the sales will be used as platfrom fee, 70% of which will be used as bonus for NFT holders and 30% will go into DAO treasury.

screenshot from SpaceFi testnet

4. Starter

You can participate IDO of new promising projects in public and private pool. Starter will be an important incubator in ecosystem.

screenshot from SpaceFi testnet

5. Spacebase

Spacebase is on-chain community of spacers. You can use STAR to create a spacebase, 90% of STAR burned and 10% of STAR allocated to NFT bonus and DAO treasury. Both creators and members can get more rewards when they‘re earning in farm.

screenshot from SpaceFi testnet

6. SPACE Bridge

SPACE Bridge is specially designed for transferring SPACE/xSPACE/Planet NFT between different chains, currently Evmos and zkSync Era.

Transfer Rate

When transferring SPACE/xSPACE, there’ll be a bridge fee (5%, adjustable), marked as Transfer Rate, to maintain the balance of different chains. Planet NFT won’t. An amount of SPACE will be charged as the gas fee for bridging.

The token in the original chain will be burned and a corresponding amount of token will be issued in the target chain as native token.

Burn and Bonus

90% of bridge fee will be burned and 10% will be allocated to NFT Bonus (70%) & DAO (30%) in the original chain.

7. spacefi.io Validator

SpaceFi community co-built a validator on Evmos named spacefi.io. We encourage the community to participate in Evmos and zkSync ecosystem building and governance. There’ll be delegator points for stakers, based on
staked amount, time and number of voting. ( Delegator Center )

spacefi.io validator has a co-building and sharing mechanism for stakers and SpaceFi community. ( Space Validator Incentive )

For Delegators: there will be extra airdrop, WL and NFT as incentive.

For SpaceFi community: 50% of validator commission will be redistributed to planet NFT holders, community contributors, buyback and burning $STAR.

🌟 Tokenomics

SpaceFi has a community-driven, dynamically evolving tokenomics. There’ll be an initial supply of 60 million STARs at genesis (30M on Evmos mainnet and 30M on zkSync mainnet in the future), for airdrop, IDO, and strategic reserves. New tokens, distributed by block, would be released according to a “thirdening” schedule, similar to Osmosis. Most tokens will allocated to community, in liquidity mining, staking, trading mining, DAO treasury, etc. The emission and ratio can be adjusted to coordinate short-term and long-term interests.

Meanwhile, SpaceFi has an organically integrated deflation mechanism. ( SpaceFi Tokenomics )

SpaceFi Tokenomics


We’ll also incubate projects in community to help build Evmos and zkSync ecosystem. In the Momentum Hackathon by Evmos and Huobi Incubator, both SpaceFi and our first incubated project Soul Network achieved the winners.

Soul Network: the First Place winner in Web3 track

SpaceFi: the Third Place winner in DeFi track

🏁 Roadmap

Update our roadmap: the way to be a cross-chain web3 platform on Evmos and zkSync. The first project to connect Cosmos and Layer2 ecosystem. ( SpaceFi Roadmap )

🧑🏼‍🚀 Community

SpaceFi is building an open, creative and mutual web3 community. Here we call each other Spacer.

You can join SpaceFi community on Crew3, where you can learn about us step by step and better involve in community. There’ll be Monthly Rewards, WL, airdrop, NFT for active members based on the leaderboard.

screenshot of SpaceFi community on Crew3

You can contribute in Space Forum in our discord, a place for ideas, collaboration, governance, etc. There’ll be Monthly Rewards for active contributors.

Monthly Rewards for active contributors

We have a well-designed roles system, covering contributors and activists with community incentives. ( apply for a contributor role )

🍭 Airdrop

As a community-driven project, SpaceFi provides a range of incentives for community and ecosystem contributors to co-build.

● Validator Incentive: For delegators in spacefi.io validator and community contributors. Check https://twitter.com/spacefi_io/status/1536302354495987712

● Testnet Incentive: For eligible testers on Evmos, zkSync and Celo testnet. Keep an eye on: https://www.spacefi.io/

● Evmos ECO Incentive: For Evmos delegators, bridge users and ERC20 module users. Check https://twitter.com/spacefi_io/status/1519608950865690625

● SpaceSwap Early Incentive: For early liquidity providers in SpaceSwap. Check https://twitter.com/spacefi_io/status/1524338621435711488

● Keplr Special Incentive: For keplr users who cann’t claim rektdrop. Check https://twitter.com/spacefi_io/status/1526142825867268096

🪐 About SpaceFi

SpaceFi is a cross-chain web3 platform on Evmos and zkSync, with DEX+NFT+Starter+Spacebase as initial product. The first project to connect Cosmos and Layer2 ecosystem.

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The DeFi hub on zkSync Era and zkRollups with DEX+NFT+Spacebase+Launchpad, exploring the Layer2 ecosystem.